With container transport through MT Container GmbH in Hamburg, you have chosen a fast and smooth handling of all transport tasks.
Our container transport service offers you full flexibility at the best price-performance ratio.

What Types Of Transportation Service Do We Offer?

Whether you are buying, renting or needing repairs, we make sure that your containers arrive quickly and cost-effectively to the place of your choice. Because of our close cooperation with shipping companies, ocean carriers and logistics service providers, it is easy for us to organize a transfer to your desired location.

We attach great importance to fast and timely handling as well as secure transportation.rt.

How Does Container Transportation Work After A Purchase?

If you purchase a container from us, you can also book the transport to your company or the place where you need the container.
We select the optimal transport route and take care of the transport logistics.
Therefore, you get all the services from a single source, including a well-calculated fixed price.
In most cases, your container starts from the port of Hamburg by train. At the end station, it is loaded onto a truck. 
All you have to do is make sure that there is a forklift or crane on site in your vehicle fleet. Alternatively, we can deliver the container with a crane.
You can expect a delivery time of about one week after purchase.
After the purchase, you can also pick up the container from our container depot located centrally and conveniently in the port of Hamburg.

Container Transport By Train

Bahntransport Container

Within Germany, container transport by train is the perfect solution in many cases.
A great advantage of the railway is the density of the rail network and the large number of railway terminals.

The probability is that a terminal is close to the drop off location and route, therefore minimizing the distance a vehicle would need to travel.

Rail transport is almost always faster. Even at night and at weekends, freight trains are on the road, a great advantage over vehicles.

The fact that the train is a very environmentally friendly means of transportation is another plus that speaks for itself.

Container Transport By Track

LKW Transport

Truck transport is the fastest and most flexible solution to bring your containers to the drop off location, but also more expensive. 

They are independent of waterways and the rail network.

Due to individual handling, waiting times are minimized.

The risk of damage to the container or cargo is very low during this type of transport.

Container Transport By Ship


Container transport via ship is particularly useful on long journeys in international traffic. 

The price / performance ratio is outstanding in this situation.

For shipments overseas, the ship is the only option. 

But also within Germany or Europe, delivery via ship can be a sensible alternative to railway or truck. 

Through an inland waterway, vessel containers are transported from the seaport to a port in the vicinity of the destination or vice versa.

MT Container gets your goods to Azerbaijan safely

Container Self Pick-up After The Purchase

If you have purchased a container from us, you can pick it up with a vehicle. You can reach our container depot quickly over the motorway as well as from all important container terminals in the port of Hamburg.

After the purchase, we immediately give you clearance so your freight forwarder can take over the container from the depot.

However, we are happy to organize the transport of new containers to you.

International Container Transport

The most suitable way of transportation in international traffic depends upon the start and end destinations.

In many cases, it is necessary or useful to connect several transport means to one another.

Due to our good and long-term contacts with shipping companies and forwarding agents, we are able to organize the transport of your containers by land or as sea freight to almost any place in the world, if necessary also in a refrigerated container.

Reefer Transport

A refrigerated transport generally requires slightly higher demands on the transport logistics than a transport in a standard container because a refrigerated container has to be supplied with energy, so that food or medicines can not be damaged.

We safely transport your sensitive goods from place to place without interrupting the cooling chain.

We use one of these two options, depending on the means of transport:

  • An underslung is attached to a truck’s chassis and supplies the unit to the cooling container with the necessary current.
  • In the case of multiple recharging, it is more appropriate to connect the power supply directly to the reefer. For this purpose, a diesel generator (genset) is installed directly on the cooling unit.

Your Service For National And International Container Transportation

At any time, MT Container GmbH is at your disposal as a contact for all requests in the area of container logistics.

We take care of the transport requirements and provide you with standard containers, shipping containers, special containers or other container types.

If you contact us, we will find a tailor-made transportation solution for you.