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Hard Top Containers

Hard top containers are perfect for cargo in overheight as well as in all situations where loading is to be carried out by crane. At the same time, this container type offers all the advantages that a closed standardardized container has.


What Makes Hard Top Containers Special?


Typically constructed with two features:

• The roof can be removed. Depending on the model, the roofs have pick-up points for forklifts. This makes a particularly comfortable lifting of these steel roofs possible, whose weight is about 450 kg.

• The upper door crossmember can be swung out. As a result, it is not in the way of loading or unloading, even with larger items with the aid of a forklift.

Due to this special build, the hard top container can be left open at the top. There is even room for the roof inside the container; it can be attached to the lateral inner wall. The interior dimensions are thus reduced by about 13 cm in width.

DSecure loading is ensured through lashing rings located on the corner posts, as well as longitudinal beams and side walls.


When Is A Hard Top Container Suitable?


This container type is extremely versatile – as a sea container as well as warehouse container. Through the locking of the roof, the safe keeping of valuable goods as well as the transport is just as possible.

These can be used for bulk goods. Since the restrictions imposed by the narrow opening of a standard container are eliminated, the cargo can be loaded by crane, trolley or forklift. 



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  • Steel walls and wooden floor
  • Removable steel roof
  • Simply lift the roof with a forklift
  • Door crossmember can be swung out
  • Easy loading and unloading from above
  • Lashing rings for secure loading

Areas Of Application

  • For extremely heavy loads
  • For high and oversized loading
  • Loading by crane or trolley over the roof opening
  • Packing through the door opening also possible 


Our Containers
External Dimensions Length 6058 mm | Width 2438 mm | Height 2591 mm
Internal Dimensions Length 5898 mm | Width 2332 mm | Height 2311 mm
Doorway Dimensions | Door Opening Width Width 2340 mm | Height 2265 mm
Volume 31,80 m³
Weight Tare Weight 2380 kg | Payload 27200 kg | Total Weight 30480 kg
ISO Construction Key 22 U6
ISO Group Key 22 UP
External Dimensions Length 12192 mm | Width 2438 mm | Height 2591 mm
Internal Dimensions Length 12020 mm | Width 2342 mm | Height 2313 mm
Doorway Dimensions | Door Opening Width Width 2336 mm | Height 2276 mm
Volume 67,2 m³
Weight Tare Weight 4700 kg | Payload 25780 kg | Total Weight 30480 kg
ISO Construction Key 42 U6
ISO Group Key 42 UP
External Dimensions Length 12192 mm | Width 2438 mm | Height 2896 mm
Internal Dimensions Length 12032 mm | Width 2352 mm | Height 2620 mm
Doorway Dimensions | Door Opening Width Width2340 mm | Heigh 2581 mm
Volume 76,3 m³
Weight Tare weight 5200 kg | Payload 27300 kg | Total Weight 32500 kg
ISO Construction Key 45 U6
ISO Group Key 45 UP



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