Special Builds

Special Builds / Modifications / Alterations

Sometimes standard containers are simply not suitable for your requirements. Maybe you need additional accessories or modifications to the container itself, i.e. a particular construction.

This is where our special construction department comes into play. In our depot in the port of Hamburg, we not only provide you with containers for purchase or rent, but you are also able to have containers altered or repaired.

Modifying And Updating Your Used Containers

If you need particular containers for a new project, they do not always have to be new. Shipping containers most often need alterations because they are hardly available in new condition in Germany.

Well-preserved used containers can create comfortable office containers, while former freight containers can be made into residential mini-houses.

As space units, containers create the basis even for larger units.

It is possible to install windows, flaps and additional doors, as well as partition walls for making several rooms.

Use a specially constructed container for tire, office, sanitary, workshop or reefer containers as well as containers that contain a switchboard.

Further accessory options include double floors, collecting trays or ventilation grids as well as electricity. On request, we build shelves and other furniture – right up to the workshop equipment.
Our specialties include the rebuilding as well as the repair of used refrigerated containers. If necessary, we will renew the entire climate technology and take care of the appropriate thermal insulation inside the reefer container.

Specialized Container Builds By Experienced Professionals

MT Container GmbH is your competent partner when container alterations are required, whether it is a shipping container or a refrigerated container.
We can rebuild all container types according to your requirements. Prior to the modification, please let us know if a valid CSC badge is needed after the update, because you want to continue using the container in the transport area and offshore as a shipping container.
For further questions, please contact the technical department.