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Be it general cargo, bulky goods, refrigerated goods, or liquid cargo: as experts in the container industry, we have the perfect solution for you. Any time. Any place. Now at 5 locations worldwide.

Typical Storage Container, branded.

What is the right
container for you?

Depending on the goods to be shipped and the intended use, we offer a wide range of container types and shapes. Through our online shop, you can download detailed images of our container models, the salient features, and specifications for each type. All our containers are available for both rent and purchase.

Flatrack Containers

Flatrack Container

Standard flat rack containers have end walls but neither a roof nor sidewalls. Thanks to their shape, they can store Out of Gauge (OOG) and bulky cargo, but can still be conveniently stacked like ISO containers.
Tank Containers

Tank Container

Tank containers are special units used for safely transporting liquids and gaseous cargo by ship, road, and rail.
Open Top Containers

Open Top Container

Unlike the standard container, the open-top unit lacks a roof. The advantages of opting for this unit include flexible handling of cargo and extra allowance for tall goods.
Hard Top Containers

Hard Top Container

A hard-top container is perfect for cargo that requires extra height clearance. It is also ideal for situations where the cargo is loaded using a crane.
Storage Containers

Storage Container

A storage container is an excellent choice to add space quickly and easily. Used widely in both the private and commercial sectors, it is fast becoming an alternative to traditional storage methods.
Office containers

Office Container

An office container can be the perfect alternative to a permanent structure. You can use the container for your mobile office and are free to select the size and equipment you need.
ISO Shipping Containers

ISO Shipping Container

These are the standard general-purpose (GP) containers that have become an indispensable part of the transport industry. ISO Containers are ubiquitous, stackable, and easy to load.
Open Side Containers

Open Side Container

The open side container features a standard container that can be opened along its longer sides. These units often have multiple wing doors and are ideal for bulky goods loaded using forklifts from the side.
Insulated Containers

Insulated Container

The thermal absorbent layers in insulated containers are built to maintain your cargo at a constant temperature. It differs from reefers in that it does not have a dedicated refrigeration unit.
Image of Platform Container

Platform Containers

For heavy and bulky goods, the reinforced platform container is a perfect choice. Outfitted with a wooden floor supported on a steel frame, it is resilient to large cargo loads. 

Your Project –
Our Services

Whether you want to transport goods, need containers for a large construction site, or want to set up a pool in your backyard, we have the expertise you need. We provide competent advice on selecting and picking the right container for your requirements and support you in all related matters- from repair and modernization to certification and container (re)sale.

Shipping Container

Do rented containers meet your requirements and budget? Learn more about the rental process, the types of shipping containers you can rent, and the sizes available at our depot.

Reefer Containers
at a glance

Are you looking to buy or rent a reefer container? Learn more about these units, from their equipment and specifications to the features that make these containers special.

Customized and Special Containers

Sometimes, standard containers just don’t fulfill your requirements. But that’s not a problem for us! We’re happy to manufacture customized and special containers with all the additional equipment and modifications to meet your needs.

About Our Company

Started as a small family business in 2008, MT Container GmbH has quickly developed into an established global company with several locations across different continents.

At our Head Quarters in Hamburg, more than 40 employees form our core team that works tirelessly to provide the perfect container service to you. To maintain our high standards, we train refrigeration technicians and container locksmiths using in-house facilities.

In addition, all our employees receive regular training and are constantly kept abreast of new developments; because while our equipment and production facilities are globally renowned, it is our employees who are the real assets and have aided us in reaching where we are today.

We are proud of our team and are pleased to offer their all-round services and experience when it comes to containers- ranging from rental and purchase to maintenance and complex tasks. We are also qualified to perform container certifications, making the entire process seamless and effortless for you.

Are you excited to meet and hear about our rich history, the team, and our services? Watch our short infomercial videos to learn more about us!

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What Makes Us

Global Company

With an international presence, our offices sell and rent containers across the world.

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We employ more than 40 highly qualified and trained employees to take care of your needs. Junior staff are trained at our in-house facilities.

Containers Always in Stock

A long wait? Certainly not with us! Our containers and reefers are always in stock with options for both buying and renting.