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Office Containers

With office containers, you can quickly and cost-effectively create office spaces of almost any dimension, wherever they are needed. In terms of equipment and comfort, modern office containers can be better than fixed buildings.


MT Container GmbH offers you containers that can be used not only as offices, but can also fulfill many functions ranging from a construction site container to a living container or school container.

Why Use an Office Container?

An office container can be a perfect alternative to a fixed structure, even in the long term. You can always get the measurements and equipment you desire.
Whenever you need stable and weatherproof rooms, but only temporary use, office containers or residential containers are the first choice. They can offer the same comfort as solid buildings, but they are characterized by significantly lower construction costs. Also the short construction period is an important point.
The secret behind these container systems is the modularity, allowing for numerous equipment requirements. The panel construction allows for the placement of windows and doors that can be adapted to your wishes. They windows and doors come preinstalled and are fully insulated.


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Office Containers Offer A Variety Of Possibilities

Office containers are versatile: they can be used at a construction site as a material or workshop container. Use as a room container or room for events as well as for wherever you have a temporary or increased need for office space.

Office containers can also replace conventional buildings in the medium and long term. Their great advantage is that they are extremely quick to get ready for use and long assembly times are avoided.

Living containers, sanitary containers or changing rooms can easily be created as well as large container facilities that house classrooms for schools, student residences or refugee homes.

Even a mobile lab can be accommodated in an office container.

From individual office containers to multi-story units, the modularity of the container system makes any size possible.

For short, recurrent operations, roll-away container systems are the perfect solution. The roll containers can be moved to another location quickly and easily. A special roll-off container vehicle is used for transport.


  • Quickly build an office space
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Sanitary installations optional
  • Electricity / light / heating on request
  • Freely selectable equipment such as windows & doors

Areas Of Application

  • Ideal as a work office
  • Perfect as a sales office for car dealers
  • Employee accommodation in warehouses
  • Emergency solution during construction or renovation work


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To Buy Or Rent Office Containers?

Whether an office container for purchase or rent is the right choice for your company depends on the duration of use and any special requests.
We will do our best to offer you the best solution.
MT Container GmbH in Hamburg offers a wide range of solutions for office containers. From our container depot located directly in the port of Hamburg, we can also provide you with many other types of containers such as storage or sea containers as well as refrigerated containers for purchase or rent.



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We sell and transport containers worldwide.

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Not only do we offer reefer containers for sale, we also offer repairs and specialised builds.


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At our container depot in Hamburg, we always have over 400 containers for sale.

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