Container transport to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is increasingly gaining importance as a trading partner – not only for Germany, but also in a global context. You want to transport goods to Azerbaijan in containers? Then we have all the important information right here for you – including useful background information for your freight transport to Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea.

The importance of the region and global perspectives

The relevance of Baku for the international container transport becomes clear in light of the Chinese initiative “One Belt, One Road”, sometimes also referred to as the “New Silk Road”.

The landroute – the so-called China Central Asia West Asia Corridor – currently runs south of the Caspian Sea. Nonetheless, Azerbaijan lied at the crossroads of east and west, north and nouth and not only provides an excellent seaport, but also well developed railway and highway networks. That China is interested in this region becomes quite evident if we take into account that Azerbaijan became a member of the Asiatic Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in2016. The AIIB is a multilateral development bank under Chinese direction, a direct competitor of the World Bank and the IMF.

On the Global Competitiveness Index 4.0 Azerbaijan occupied rank 69 of 140 countries, and it even scored rank 25 of 190 in the Easy of Doing Business ranking 2019, earning the rating of “very easy”.

A look at the external trade balance, too, shows that the region is of interest as trading partner. The numbers of exports from the EU to Azerbaijan have continued to grow over the past few years.

That is true for Germany as well; even though German imports from Azerbaijan still greatly outnumber the exports to the Caucasian Republic – largely due to the large share of oil imports – the export volume continues to increase. Important export goods are cars and car parts, chemical good and foods.

Accordingly, the demand for competent services in the field of container transports and reefer transports to Azerbaijan continues to grow as well.

No matter which goods you are handling: Safe transportation and reliable transaction are key to successful export of goods in containers. Especially if you are transporting perishable goods like foods and beverages, you need a service partner who ensures that your goods arrive safely. In the case of refrigerated goods, it is essential to guarantee the cold chain is not interrupted.

Customs and transport regulations for Azerbaijan

Even though the container port of Baku is the largest reloading point at the crossroads of the Far East and Europe, a large number of the goods transported from Germany to Azerbaijan are transported by road. When organising transports to Azerbaijan, it is important to take into account a number of special customs and transport regulations.

A transport permit is required for all road haulage vehicles. At the border, the single permit or the CEMT, the general EU transport permit, must be presented. The drivers also require a valid visa for Azerbaijan in advance, as this is not issued directly at the border. Azerbaijani liability insurance must also be taken out at the border.

A clearance under Carnet TIR, which guarantees import duties up to 50000 USD, is possible and advisable. If the import duties exceed this amount, the Azerbaijani customs can demand additional guarantees; as a rule, a customs escort is then ordered. This means that customs officers accompany the transport to the final customs office. Customs escort fees are 1 AZN per km.

(Attention: Azerbaijan is not a member of the International Convention on the Temporary Import of Goods; the ATA Carnet is therefore not an option!)

Experience has shown that forwarding agents and carriers with local experience are worth their weight in gold when it comes to drawing up transport documents and preparing goods for transport. Small inaccuracies can, in the worst case, considerably delay the customs procedure. MT Container has many years of experience with transports to Azerbaijan and all local processes – so that your goods not only arrive safely but also as quickly as possible by container at their destination.

Transport options from containers to Azerbaijan

Even though, as already mentioned, the majority of transports from Germany to Azerbaijan are by road, the transport possibilities from and to Azerbaijan in containers are diverse.

Rail connection

Baku is connected to an extensive railway network. The main routes lead northwest to Russia, west through Georgia to the Black Sea and Turkey and south to Iran.

Road network

In the Caucasus republic of Azerbaijan, all major highways run to and from Baku and connect the seaport to the road network for the onward transport. Container transport by road and subsequent loading onto a ship is also possible, if Azerbaijan is not final destination for your goods. The port has an excellent connection so that you can transport your goods on site with a forwarding agent or a logistics service provider without any problems.

Air traffic network

The airport of Baku is the most important hub in the Caucasus region. Russian, Western as well as other airlines currently serve Baku International Airport. The airfreight network is currently being steadily expanded.

The container port in Baku

The container port in Baku is owned by the Azerbaijani government and has eleven berths. The original port was opened in 1902. The modern port as it is today, however, has been completely rebuilt and modernized over the course of the past 10 years.

The port of Baku currently handles 25 million tons of cargo annually, with a container volume of 100,000 TEU. The Main Cargo Terminal currently has six berths and extends over a length of 866 meters. It is equipped with 16 cranes able to lift a weight of up to 40 tons.

MT Container – our branch in Baku

Transport to Azerbaijan is easy as never before with MT Container, thanks to our location directly on site in the Baku seaport. We bring your goods to Baku safely using containers or refrigerated containers depending on your needs.

Benefit from our many years of experience in transporting goods to Baku. Together we will find the perfect solution for the transportation of your goods to Baku. Feel free to contact us today!