Our Vision, mission and values


Become the benchmark in the container world.

We believe that containers have the potential that extends beyond their classical use for logistics and storage. This is especially true for used containers, that can be transformed into offices, film studios, or swimming pools.

Giving used containers a second life is our passion, and we strive to fully realize their incredible potential. We do so by recycling, upcycling, and repairing them so that every used container gets another chance to unfold itself all over again.

With our example, we want to show how much can be done with used containers and how versatile the scenarios for their use are. We want to be an inspiration to others in the container world and motivate them to unleash the potential of containers to the fullest.

With our vision, expertise, and commitment to quality, we want to be the customer’s first choice when it comes to containers.
And to make anyone happy that they have a container.



We deliver the best quality and satisfy our customers with tailored solutions and expert advice.

Satisfied customers are our top priority. That is why we are guided by the following principles in everything we do: delivering the best quality, sharing expertise, fulfilling customer wishes.

Delivering the best quality

We place great value on the durability of our products. Therefore, we use only premium and proven materials and spare parts for our containers. We also guarantee the safety of our products by carefully carrying out all the necessary checks before the container reaches the customer.

Sharing expertise

We build sustainable relationships with our customers by always supporting them with competent advice. Our goal is to help our customers find the most suitable container for their needs and to assist them further with any container-related topic.

Fulfilling customer wishes

We understand that the available standard containers cannot always meet all the requirements. As a customer-oriented company, we strive to provide our clients with tailored solutions based on their wishes and offer them an extensive portfolio of different container types. They can always openly share their ideas with us, and we will make sure that all their wishes are fulfilled.

We let anyone get the container that best suits their needs.


1. Team Spirit

We are like a well-trained football team: we play together to win the game. We value each person’s unique contribution. We respect, support, listen to each other and celebrate our successes together. We stand for a common goal and always act in the best interest of our team and company.

2. Self-Initiative

We are the boss of our own work. Every aspect of our work is driven by passion. We take the initiative to make changes and bring realistic ideas to the table. We take responsibility for our actions and mistakes.

3. Solution Orientation

There are no problems, only challenges. So, we don’t complain, we come up with solutions. We look at things from a 360-degree perspective. Instead of asking “What should I do?”, we say “How do you like my proposal?” We provide each other with constructive feedback to find a better solution to challenges.

4. Expertise

We know containers inside and out. We are the masters of all the necessary skills and knowledge around the containers. So, we use our long-standing expertise to provide excellent products and services. Our true motivation is that clients learn from us and have the best possible experience.

5. Quality

We carefully select materials and spare parts for our containers and always focus on what is really needed for the best result. We deliver containers that are safe to use and best suited for our customers’ intended purpose.

6. Trust

We stay true to what we say. Our customers are in the center of everything we do. They trust and recommend us because they know that we go above and beyond to fulfill their wishes. We take an individual approach, listen carefully and deliver what we promise.

Become part of our team

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