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Rent Reefer Container

Refrigerated Container Rental – be flexible with MT Container

Dealing in perishable goods? Planning a large event? Need temporary storage for food and beverages? Renting a reefer might be the perfect option for you. We at MT Container are your reliable partner for renting shock frosters or refrigerated containers in the D-A-CH region. In this article, we explain why it can be useful to rent a container and what rental options you have.

Advantages of renting a reefer container

There are many reasons why it can be useful to rent a reefer container instead of buying it, especially when you need it for a short period only.

One example: if you are preparing for an event or a trade fair, you might need one or two reefer containers for just a couple of days. But even if you need the containers as extra storage for a longer time, renting can prove to be considerably cheaper than buying.

Just imagine you are preparing for the peak season and need extra storage for perishable goods for just one or two months a year, or you are planning renovation work and need a flexible solution for storing your goods during renovation.

Renting a refrigerated container offers you all the flexibility you need, allowing you to rent as many containers for as long as you need them. There is no need to tie up your capital – just stay flexible on all levels.

Especially for short term rentals, you can save significantly since you do not have the high acquisition cost and only pay for exactly the time you actually need your container.

Not only is there flexibility regarding time, there is also flexibility regarding the quantity of containers. Plus, there is no need to worry about maintenance and repair of the reefers: in case of technical problems, we will provide maintenance and, if needed, replacement immediately.

Application areas

Refrigerated containers are necessary for storage and transport of sensitive or perishable goods. Reefers ensure that these goods can be stored and transported at a stable temperature.

The temperature is regulated automatically though temperature sensors inside the container. The sensors activate the cooling units as soon as the temperature rises above the maximum or falls below the minimum pre-set temperature range. The ranges can be individually set to a number of temperature ranges between -25°C and +30°C. As the maximum temperature suggests, a refrigerated container can not only be cooled, but also heated.

Refrigerated containers are versatile and can serve a multitude of purposes. They can be used by large kitchens or in the beverage industry to store food and beverages short- or long-term.

As mentioned before, short-term rental of reefer containers is also useful for trade fairs and other events where food and beverages for the attendees need to be stored, especially during the hot season.

In case of an emergency, such as a technical issue in your cooling house, refrigerated sea containers can serve as a quick remedy, just as they can provide extra storage in the peak season or during times of overproduction.

Which types can be rented

Just let us know what purpose you need a reefer for – we will find the right container for your needs.

All our containers are integrated containers meaning the cooling units are integrated into the containers, making external infrastructure for cooling superfluous. All you need to run the containers is a 400V power connection on site.

We rent out containers sized 10-ft, 20-ft, 40-ft as well as 45-ft; some of them are also available as high cube models. With the large number of different container sizes available, we make sure that we can use the space you have as best as possible and provide the needed storage volume.

We know that sometimes things don’t work out exactly as planned. For this reason, we offer you to extend your rental period any time or to add more containers if your need grows.

If your purpose requires a special configuration of the container, just let us know. We will do our best to provide you with exactly the container you need.

All our containers comply with the regulations for food hygiene (HACCP).

How much is it to rent a reefer container?

We offer refrigerated container rental at an excellent price-performance ratio. We will calculate the exact cost individually based on your specific demands.

The price depends on the size and number of containers as well as on the configuration and the effort needed for deployment and the transportation cost. As we have several locations in the D-A-CH region, the transport routes are usually quite short.

Special Service at MT Container

Our containers are delivered ready to use, pre-cooled at the desired temperature so that you can cool or shock frost and store without delay once your rental containers are on site.
We are a master enterprise in the fields of refrigeration technology and reparation of refrigerated containers and we strive to provide you with the best consultation and service possible. Our experts will recommend the best reefers for your intended purpose. You will be trained on how to operate our containers before and during your rental.
Our service is available 24/7 via phone. Our technicians take care of any problem you might encounter immediately, so that we can ensure the lowest possible downtime in case of technical issues.
Should you need additional services in the field of refrigeration technology, please let us know. We are happy to provide additional services and products such as buffet systems or cooling counters.
Are you ready to rent your reefer containers? We are looking forward to your inquiry. Feel free to call and place your order today!

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