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Used Reefer Containers for Sale

Selling refrigerated items? Need extra storage for food and beverages? A used reefer container might just be what you need. At MT Container, we also sell used containers of all sorts, including reefer containers. Read more about how to buy and use used reefer containers and our services in this article.

Sizes and types of reefer containers

Reefers come in various sizes and different types just as ordinary containers do. Our containers are all integrated containers. They are provided with an integrated refrigeration system that enables the container to maintain a desired temperature range. It can be set to different ranges, between -25°C and +30°C, according to the specific needs of your cargo. Our used reefers automatically activate the cooling system as required, based on the external temperature and the cooling sensor data.

Container Type Interior measurements
(L x B x H)

Exterior measurements


Door opening mm


Interior base area

Capacity m³
10-ft container 2.831 x 2.352 x 2.390 2.991 x 2.438 x 2.591 2.338 x 2.280 6,66 15,9
20-ft container 5.898 x 2.352 x 2.390 6.058 x 2.438 x 2.591 2.338 x 2.280 13,88 33,1

20-ft high cube

5.898 x 2.352 x 2.690 6.058 x 2.438 x 2.896 2.338 x 2.585 13,88 37,4

40-ft container


12.032 x 2.352 x 2.395 12.192 x 2.438 x 2.591 2.340 x 2.280 28,37 67,7

40-ft high cube

13.556 x 2.345 x 2.695 13.716 x 2.438 x 2.896 2.340 x 2.597 31,79 86,0

45-ft high cube


13.556 x 2.345 x 2.695 13.716 x 2.438 x 2.896 2.340 x 2.597 31,79 86,0


For what purposes can reefer containers be used?

Refrigerated containers are ideal for storing or transporting perishable goods, such as food or medication. Reefer containers allow you to store goods at a stable temperature thanks to temperature sensors that record changes in the cooling cells and automatically adjust the temperature inside the reefer.

A second hand 20-ft reefer container or 40-ft reefer container can serve many purposes. In retail as well as large kitchens and restaurants, you can use it as an extra storage unit for goods that need to be kept at a constant temperature. With containers, you are flexible to adapt the size of your storage to the actual need; you can always add extra containers or resell them in case you need less surface. Please note, however, that reefers cannot be double-stacked. The same is, of course, also true for restaurants and large kitchens which can make use of used reefer containers for storing cooled beverages at the desired temperature. Reefers can be set to a certain range of temperature on overall range from -25°C to +30°C.

You can also use used reefer containers for events such as trade fairs. As containers are mobile and easily transportable on designated trucks, they can be hauled to almost any destination, giving space for the storage of food and beverage supplies or exhibits that need a stable temperature environment.

Used reefer containers can be ordered and delivered quickly to any destination needed. That makes them ideal as replacement units in case of incidents with the cooling system in your storage unit or renovations to your storage building. After renovations are completed, just resell your reefers.

Classification of used reefer containers for sale

The used reefer containers we sell are, for the most part, modern integrated containers. In these containers, the cooling system is integrated into the container, whereas in older so-called porthole containers (or: CON-AIR containers), the cooling system was external. Porthole containers had two holes – hence the name – on one side of the container. The cold air was supplied via cool bars through the lower hole, the warmer air then streaming outside through the upper hole.

Older CON-AIR containers are also for sale at MT Containers. The portholes have been closed, making them apt for usage as insulated containers. Those containers, however, can no longer be used for cooling or shock-frosting goods.

What to watch out for when buying a used reefer container

In general, all used reefer containers for sale at MT Container are apt for usage as described. Look out for the classification of the container mentioned in the product description and on the container itself.

The IICL5 classification is a standard defined by the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL). It ensures that containers are in a state that is well enough to use them for long-term rental and transportation. Containers that comply with the IICL5 standard are marked by a CSC plaque guaranteeing that all requirements regarding security and maintenance are met.

The classification as Cargo Worthy (CW) means a container is still usable for freight transport but can show signs of wear or rust.

Containers labelled Wind and Watertight (WWT) do not have a valid CSC plaque and cannot be used for transport. They are therefore mostly used for storage.

The kind of standard your container needs to meet depends on how you intend to use it; however, should you need a container for transportation. it is best to insist on containers with IICL5 plaque.

When buying your container, try to check the bottom of the container for wear and tear and rust as well, since this is where damage might be hidden. Also watch out for the door lock: Is it still working well? What materials have been used? The locks can indicate the quality of the materials used for the container construction as well as the general shape the container is in.


Used reefer containers can be bought at a reasonable price, depending, of course, on the size and equipment of the container. Much also depends on the classification of the container. The better the classification – that is, the shape the container is in – the higher the price. At MT Container, we are happy to provide further information and find just the container you need – just contact us and order your used reefer today!

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