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We at MT Container GmbH are your contact for the purchase of reefer containers and cooling units. Our company is based in the port of Hamburg and distributes not only reefer (refrigeration) and ISO containers, but also many other kinds of new and pre-owned containers.

In which areas can you use refrigerated containers?

The uses for a reefer are more diverse than you might think because reefers can not only  easily maintain perishable foodstuffs but also work during transport and stockpiling, keeping the refrigeration chain much more easy to manage.

As a matter of fact, they, as well as deep-freezing containers, fulfill different temperature requirements ranging from about -25 ° C  to 30 ° C +. In this range, reefer containers can guarantee constant temperatures and climates. Both can be optimally adapted to the items located inside. Even when no cooling is required, humidity and temperature can play an important role.

Corresponding sensors ensure that optimal conditions in the interior are always strictly maintained.

Reefer containers are typically used for:

  • Storing and transport of temperature sensitive food and beverages
  • Test environment for technical systems
  • Temporary or permanent expansion of your existing refrigeration system without complex construction measures
  • Use as a shock-freezer for very fast freezing when loading

Insulating containers can also be operated without a cooling unit. These are mostly former porthole units whose openings have been closed. Although they can not be utilized as a deep-freeze container because of the lack of a cooling unit, they ensure a constant temperature and climate inside. As these Conair containers are no longer being built, you can buy well-preserved and freshly maintained pre-owned containers or new containers at attractive prices.

Why you should buy refrigerated containers

There are countless reasons to purchase a reefer. They are mobile and flexible. They can be utilised everywhere for storing cold items only where they are needed. They do not consume more space and energy than necessary.
When purchasing them, the financial advantages are clearly superior to rent in the case of permanent use. For only a few thousand euros, you receive top-quality and maintained pre-owned or brand-new reefers.
But if you plan to use them regularly and on a long-term basis, we strongly recommend you buy them. This is the reason why you can be sure that you have the cooling systems that are optimally tailored to your needs directly at your disposal. However, if you need a higher capacity for storing such as during peak seasons, you can also make use of our rental capabilities.

Refrigeration container equipment

We sell refrigerated containers in all the standardised dimensions. Whether you need a 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft container as well as a high cube version depends entirely on your individual requirements.
We supply all refrigerated containers that come with your desired accessories. This includes electrical systems such as sockets and lighting, but also the strip curtain (PVC) that protects the interior from temperature changes when the door is opened. All loading is made easier with a ramp, which we can also supply

Container dealing with experience

For many years MT Container GmbH in Hamburg has been offering all conceivable services for container sales. Our employees are experienced enough to recommend the right model for your individual requirements.
As a master company, we do repairs and maintenance of cooling systems and as well as repair pre-owned containers.
This means that with us you are in the best hands, especially if you want to buy used containers.
We offer refrigerated containers and units from well-known brands such as Carrier, Thermo King, Seacold, Mitsubishi or Daikin.
We can even offer you containers that originate from the previous year that are still in top quality due to our multifaceted experience.
Because we attach great importance to the fact that our customers can use their refrigerated transport in the best possible way and in a professional manner,  we offer more than competent advice. If necessary, specialised training is also provided as a part of the purchase.

Other services involving containers

Not only do we sell reefers or ISO containers in the desired size and quantity, but we also offer a wide range of other container services.
If you do not want to buy your reefer, for example, because you only have short-term requirements, you can also rent refrigeration containers from us.
Of course, our services also include transportation. Even if your company is not based in our main location in Hamburg, we can deliver containers to you from our locations in Germany to wherever you need them such as to Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt or Munich. In addition, in European countries like Austria or Switzerland you can buy them and use our container transportation system. ( Optional with an interchangeable swap body ).
As a expert company, we can also offer the repair of reefers and cooling units. It does not matter if you bought them from us. Our highly trained employees can repair the cooling cells in our workshop or at your premises. We can also make alterations. Before purchasing, we can install the desired cooling units or expand the attached accessories. Cooling unit replacement is also possible.
If you would like to use a reefer for item transportation to other countries, we also provide the necessary CSC and PTI badges

Further types of containers for sale

We do not only deal with new and pre-owned reefers. You can also buy many other kinds of containers, for example sea containers, as well as the appropriate accessories.

Discover our standard and special containers

  • Sea container: send your items in this high-level container with along with other 20ft or 40ft containers.
  • Standard containers: flexible and usable thanks to their standardised dimensions (e.g. 20 feet or 40 feet) and stackability, ideally suited for truck, rail or ship transportation
  • Storage containers: Keep items in a material container or tire container with anti-theft protection.
  • Office containers, residence containers and residential containers: these container systems are equipped with the right furniture and are multi-functional.
  • WC containers: the perfect bathroom solution for events
  • Interchangeable swap bodies: structures for the flexible transportation of items with special suitability for European pallets.
  • Flat rack container: transportation for large machine parts
  • Hard top containers or tank containers
  • Container accessories: special accessories such as shelves, burglar protection, spacers, swap bodies or ramps

Get in touch today with the MT Container GmbH team! We look forward to your request for reefers or sea containers.
Please also ask for our offers in the field of leasing and rentals.

By the way, you can also see our current sales stock of 20ft or 40ft high cube reefers and 20 ft or 40 ft sea containers via the websites Autoscout24 or EBAY-classified ads.

Buy Refrigerated Containers

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