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Storage Containers for Rent

It doesn’t really matter if it is for private or commercial use, storage containers are an excellent way to store materials, furniture, and all sorts of goods when there is not enough capacity in your house or permanent commercial space. But what is advisable: buying or renting storage containers? For which purposes can you actually use containers as storage units? And how much does it cost? In this article, we will provide you with all relevant information on moving storage container rental.

Sizes and features

Storage containers are usually the same sort of containers that are also used as site containers. They can be used ready to use, but you can also buy standard ISO containers and adapt them to function as storage containers. In case you want to modify the container, however, you will have to buy it. Rental containers cannot be modified due to the restrictions of the rental contract. Container rental is ideal for all those who do not need special custom-built containers and who use the storage containers for a limited time period only. For long-term usage, buying can prove to be the cheaper option.

Storage containers – rented or bought – are usually 20-ft or 40-ft standard containers (TEU or FEU). But there are other measurements possible as well. The smallest variant is an 8-ft container, while the longest measures 45 ft. They are also available as high cube containers with a higher ceiling height.

All containers consist of a robust steel frame and a wooden floor. The outer steel shell is lacquered and thus resistant to wind and weather. All containers are waterproof. This ensures that your stored goods are safe and dry at any time. You should, however, make sure there is enough air circulation so as to prevent condensation inside the container. On request, storage containers can be equipped with light, power, as well as with special security measures such as a security lock or even an alarm system.

Storage container vs. storage room

Storage containers are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial sector since they are usually by far cheaper than buying or renting “classical” commercial spaces. A firm that needs extra storage facilities for a limited time, e.g. because the business is expanding rapidly and the building of new structures cannot be executed fast enough, will benefit from renting storage containers, which can also be stacked if necessary. They can be installed quickly and just as easily be vacated once they are no longer needed. This also enables businesses to quickly adapt to changing economic perspectives. The advantage of renting a storage container over a storage room clearly lies in the flexibility. While contracts for storage rooms are usually long-term, you are always flexible with renting containers.

External storage has become increasingly important in term of high costs for living space for private households as well. Storage containers can not only be used as workshops or garages, but also to store furniture and other items short-term, for example during renovation. Renting a container is a cheap and comfortable way, especially for such short-term usage, as long as you are sure to get permission to install the container on your premises.

What can I use a storage container for?

Since storage containers offer the possibility to store goods safely and drily, they can be used in many different ways and for many purposes. Commercial enterprises can use rental containers as storage for tires, for example, but also for packaging material or, depending on the facilities, for products. Insulated storage containers are also useful for temporary file storage.

For private use, rental containers are used to store furniture and other items during a move or ongoing renovations in your home. As containers are available in many different sizes, there is a practical and flexible solution for almost any use case.

How high is the rental fee?

Renting storage containers is an attractive solution in many cases. It is ideal for expanding storage room for your business as you need and without long-term rental contracts. But what are the storage container rental rates? Is it really as cheap as they say? It is.

One TEU (20-ft container) costs about EUR 100 per month. This includes service and maintenance when needed. The only additional costs are for transportation and installation of the container. This makes container rental extremely attractive for everyone in need of short-term storage. If you already know you need your extra storage facilities for a longer time, you might consider buying, however. A container costs about EUR 2,000 to 3,000 – and once it’s your own, you can also modify it according to your needs. So once again: the decision between rental and buying really depends on the individual usage scenario.


But is there even a storage container for rent near me, you might ask. No worries, there surely is. MT Container has branch offices in many cities across the D-A-CH region and worldwide. We can easily provide containers anywhere you need them. Just call us today to get your personal quote for a storage container rental.

Who benefits from storage container rentals?

If you plan to use the container long-term, for example for a garage or a long-term extra storage unit made of shipping containers, buying is usually the cheaper option and also necessary if you plan to modify the containers for that purpose. All in all, rented storage containers are ideal for commercial users in need of flexible, fast, and cheap additional storage space. With rental containers, extra storage units can be added or removed as needed. Storage containers for rent can also be useful for private usage, if you have the opportunity to set up the container on your own property. In times of renovation, you can move furniture and other items into a container temporarily.
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