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Buy 40-ft shipping containers

40-ft shipping containers can be used for almost any sort of goods to be transported by train, truck or on a vessel. They can also be used as storage units or transformed into mobile offices for construction sites. Are you unsure which container size you should buy or whether buying or renting a 40-ft ISO container is the better option? Here you will find all the answers. (And if not, we’re happy to help you in person.)

Buy 40-ft shipping containers: This is what you need to know

Sizes and measurements

One thing is for certain: Not much guesswork is needed to know that a 40-ft shipping container is 40 feet long, therefore also referred to as a FEU, short for “forty-foot equivalent unit”. They are usually around 8 feet wide and equally tall, but there are also variants with a greater height, the so-called high cube containers. In the following table, we show you all the important measurements at a glance.

Container Type Interior measurements
(L x W x H)

Exterior measurements


Door opening in mm

(L x W x H)

Interior base area in m² Capacity in m3

40-ft container

(1 FEU Container)

12,032 x 2,352 x 2,395 12,192 x 2,438 x 2,591 2,340 x 2,280 28.37 67.7
40-ft High Cube 12,032 x 2,352 x 2,698 12,192 x 2,438 x 2,896 2,340 x 2,585 28.37 76.4

Advantages of buying a FEU

Looking to buy a used 40-ft shipping container but are unsure whether buying is the right move? Clearly, renting does have its advantages, making it possible to obtain containers quickly, in any number needed, without needing to worry about any administrative issues or taking care of maintenance. The lessor takes care of all this for you – plus there are no long-term contracts. So why bother buying?

Firstly, it’s a simple business decision. Buying makes sense if you plan on using the containers for a longer time period or even regularly. In these cases, buying the containers instead of renting them quickly pays off.

Also, you cannot modify the containers unless you own them. So if you plan on adding your own equipment or making any other changes to adapt the containers to your specific needs, you need to opt for buying them.

Equipment options

If you buy a 40-ft shipping container, you can stick with the “bare” version, meaning the standard shipping container, or add special equipment to adapt the container to suit your needs or simply to make it a safer place to store your goods.

Among the most popular measures to make storage and transport of goods safer is the implementation of a security system. This can start with rather simple locking bars and security locks, but may go as far as installing alarm systems and security cameras.

Electric facilities and light installation in the container are other common add-ons for shipping containers. They can be equipped with 230 V sockets or 400 V power connections. To make electricity inside a container safe under all circumstances, special damp-proof electronics are used. If containers are used as office containers, extra doors and windows can be installed. They can be equipped with sanitary facilities and water supply to use them as a staff room or bathroom. As you can see: There are virtually no limits to what is possible with a 40-ft sea container.


The prices for a 40-ft shipping container vary greatly, depending on the condition of the container as well as the equipment. A new 40-ft ISO container costs around 2.800 € (3.200 USD).

In the used segment, three conditions are distinguished:

  • containers with IICL5 classification – as good as new
  • CW (“Cargo Worthy”) – some signs of wear and tear, bur suitable for transport
  • WWT (“Wind- and Watertight”) – no longer suitable for transportation, but useable for storage

Depending your needs and the category you choose, you may be able to save a considerable amount of money buying a used container.

Any form of special equipment, such as electricity, cooling units, alarm systems and so forth of course also have an influence on the price of both new and used containers.

Do you have further questions? Feel free to contact us to find the right container for your purpose and to get your individual quote!

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