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Buy 20-ft shipping containers

No matter if you’re looking for a cheap and flexible storing option, a way to transport goods on the road, by train or ship – or need a mobile office for your construction site: 20-ft containers are a simple way to create the extra space you need for as long as you need. In this article, we will provide all the information necessary about the 20-ft standard ISO containers (TEU).

All you need to know about 20-ft containers to buy

What you can use a 20-foot container for

Standard 20-ft sea containers are, of course, more often than not used for their original purpose, that is: in logistics and warehousing. But since they can be equipped with a variety of different options, they are also used as mobile offices, bathrooms or canteens on constructions sites or as mobile infirmaries in crisis areas or large festivals and events. They have even come to play a part in the new tendencies for alternative housing and home improvement: They can function as tiny houses or be turned into workshops, sheds and even swimming pools.

Sizes and measurements

As the name already indicates, the 20-ft container is 20 feet long – but there are also variants with a higher ceiling (high cube containers). The following table gives an overview of the most important measurements.

Container Type

Interior measurements in


(L x W x H)

Exterior measurements in

(L x W x H)

Door opening in mm

(L x W x H)

Interior base area in m² Capacity in m3

20-ft container

(1 TEU Container)

5,898 x 2,352 x 2,390 6,058 x 2,438 x 2,591 2,338 x 2,280 13.88 33.1
20-ft High Cube 5,898 x 2,352 x 2,690 6,058 x 2,438 x 2,896 2,338 x 2,585 13.88 37.4

While they may seem rather small at first sight, the interior of a two- to three-bedroom flat can easily be stored inside a TEU container. If you store or transport goods of only one kind, these examples may provide an even better reference: 400 flat screen TVs, 9,600 wine bottles or 200 mattresses find place within just one container!

Advantages of buying a TEU

Buying a 20-ft ISO container makes most sense if you plan on using it long-term. Over a longer time period, the cost for renting quickly exceeds the cost for buying the container, especially if you decide on a used container. Another advantage of buying a container is that you are free to make changes to the equipment according to your needs – and of course are also free to install it permanently to turn it into anything you wish.

Equipment options for 20-ft containers to buy

A standard TEU ISO container – and for the most part also its high cube variant – can be equipped with a great number of accessory packages, adapting it for different usages and needs.

One classic option is special paintwork or powder paintings, ensuring extremely high corrosion protection and UV resistance, making the paint last for a long time. Another special equipment often asked for is electricity inside the container. The TEU container can be equipped with 230V sockets or 400V power connections, but also light installations. The electric facilities will usually make use of special damp-proof electronics, making power inside the container safe under all conditions. Alarm systems and even security cameras can also be installed, as well as simple anti-theft measures such as locking bars or security locks. Especially for the use on trade fairs or construction sites, additional windows, doors, insulation and even sanitary facilities can be added. Of course, optional equipment costs extra, depending on the complexity of the facilities installed.


The prices for a TEU may vary according to the condition of the container. A new standard container will usually cost around 2800 €. Used containers come in three categories. Containers with IICL5 classification are as good as new; CW (“Cargo Worthy”) containers are still useable for transport, but show signs of wear and tear. WWT (“Wind- and Watertight”) classified containers no longer have the CSC plaque needed for transport, but can still be used for storage.

If the container is equipped with a cooling unit, electricity and other extras, the price will be higher than for a standard container.

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