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Iso Container

An ISO container is an ideal place for warehousing perishable goods.
Thanks to the perfectly insulated box, materials and other perishables can be stored or transported.


An insulating container is ideally suited to store food such as dried fruits, beverages or freshly produced products. The interior of the insulted container, especially with the side walls that insulate with special foam, is very temperature-friendly. This allows servers, compressor systems, pumping systems or industrial machines to be installed without any problem as well as prevents condensation and protects the contents from water.
ISO containers are also wind and waterproof and can be placed outdoors without any reservations. Strong sun, cold and various outside temperatures have no effect on it.

Optionally, ISO containers can be equipped with a cooling unit or heating system in order to reach certain temperatures.
Refrigeration containers make for the perfect insulation since the container has the same characteristics. Only the cooling unit supplements the ISO container.

By expanding the cooling machine from a refrigerated container, an ISO container can be built by closing the opening so that any size can be built or converted, whether it be 10 feet, 20 feet or 40 feet.
We can deliver ISO containers in different sizes according to your request.
Whether buying or renting, MT Container GmbH is your ideal contact for insulating containers.


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  • Steel frame and polyurethane insulation 
  • Valid CSC plaque / wind and waterproof
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • With fork-lift and pallet trucks
  • Optional with power and LED light
  • T-Grating floor with air duct

Areas Of Application

  •  Storage room for sensitive wares
  • Suitable for conversions and modifications
  • No water condensation due to insulated materials
  • Can be used worldwide as transport containers
  • Heat- and cold-protected storage

Our Containers

External Dimensions Length 3050 mm | Width 2438 mm | Height 2591 mm
Internal Dimensions Length 2383 mm | Width 2190 mm | Height 2291 mm
Doorway Dimensions | Door Opening Width Width 2291 mm | Height 2259 mm
Pallet Space 4
Volume 12 m³
Weight Tare Weight 1900 kg | Payload 8260 kg | Total Weight 10160 kg
External Dimensions Length 6058 mm | Width 2438 mm | Height 2591 mm
Internal Dimensions Length 5456 mm | Width 2294 mm | Height 2263 mm
Doorway Dimensions | Door Opening Width Width 2290 mm | Height 2264 mm
Pallet Space 10
Volume 28,4 cm³
Weight Tare Weight 2700 kg | Payload 27800 kg | Total Weight 30480 kg
External Dimensions Length 12192 mm | Width 2438 mm | Height 2896 mm
Internal Dimensions Length 11550 mm | Width 2290 mm | Height 2545 mm
Doorway Dimensions | Door Opening Width Width 2290 mm | Height 2557 mm
Pallet Space 23
Volume 67,5 m³
Weight Tare Weight 4460 kg | Payload 29540 kg | Total Weight 34000 kg



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